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Transports et Logement

Getting to São Jorge Island

There are two ways to reach the island during CIMA:

1) Flight to São Jorge with a stop in one of the main islands of the Azores

2) Flight to Horta or Pico islands and boat to São Jorge (Velas), there are daily sea connections (

CIMA has the support of SATA ( Participants can have discounts on flights to the region and extra weight of luggage.




Auto Atlantis      



Ilha Verde          


Ribeiro & Sá      

Sixt Car Hire      





For those who opt for the registration package with accommodation that will be distributed between the Youth hostel and Residencial Solmar both in Calheta. For those who prefer to arrange their own accommodation the main options on the island are:

São Jorge Garden - Hotel***              Velas                          

Casa do António                                       Velas                  

Residencial Soares Neto                        Velas                      

Residencial Livramento                          Velas                      

Hospedaria Austrália                               Velas                     

Quinta do Canavial                                   Velas                   

Quinta de São Pedro                               São Pedro/Velas   

Cantinho das Buganvílias, Resort       Queimada / Velas       

Os Moinhos Hotel Eco-Green             Santo Amaro / Velas  

Parques de campismo                         Calheta / Urzelina  / Velas